Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hello December

making a 4x6 index card each day in December
going out with friends tonight to see Breaking Dawn, and drinks afterward
bringing up the tree to the family room
having leftover chicken pot pie
working on my December craft
enjoying my day by doing things that I love
what are you doing this December 1


  1. Pretty index card and great idea to do one each day this month. I'm trying to ease back into Blogland today and get caught up on some blog reading. Also might do a little creating later this afternoon.

  2. Loving your red index card, a wonderful contribution to our efforts to build a rainbow this week!

  3. What a fabulous card, I love the colours and patterns. I hope to be creating index cards of sorts this December too. December 1st has been spent working and involved giving someone else's money away to some young people who need a break!(with permission of course) After work I drove my son to an appointment. Then when I got home I went out for a short walk/run and now at nearly 10pm I am going to make an index card journal page.

  4. Sounds like a great day. Love your pattern.

  5. spent the day lunching with a friend! sounds like your dec is going to be fun too!

  6. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Great card, lots of movement and fun. Your day sounds great, hope you enjoyed your movie. I spent the morning with my knit group and then hung out with my sister doing my drawing for this rainbow!

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  8. What a great idea to do one index card per day for the rest of this year. The colors here are perfect to start off the first day of December too.

    My day went nowhere really after I worked in my art journal this morning, I was to of gone out with some friends over to the Park after lunch but instead I fell asleep on my bed while making out my bills and ended up sleeping the rest of the afternoon away. Oooops

  9. oh goodie - an index card every day? looking forward to seeing them! you're off to a great start with this one.

  10. Hi Lee, sounds like a fun full filling day! My first december was alright....the most enjoyable thing was going for a speed walk with a dear friend and creating a fun Collage! :) Smiles, Anke :)

  11. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Hi Lee...very nice Christmasy card. I also laughed out loud when I read the cartoon below. I will check out Roben Marie's website...thanks for the tip about it. I am mailing out your postcard...sorry to be late.


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