Monday, December 05, 2011

Sometimes its just black and white

do you put candy canes on your tree?

When I was growing up, our tree was loaded
with handmade ornanments, and candycanes.
So do you think candycanes are old
school, because I think I am going to
go and get some and put them
on my tree, old school or not.
Be a rebel and start a new
tradition and make candycanes rule.


  1. Go for it! Somehow they just say Christmas....and you can never have too much candy around! I remember always having candy canes on the tree when I was a kid and I did the same for my kids but now I haven't added them for many years.

  2. nah dont like candy canes and it wasnt a very english thing to do to put them on the tree I dont thinkI ever even saw them in the shops! My tree is still up! starting to panic and time slips away!

    ps sent off your card last week...have u got it yet?

  3. We always had candy canes on the tree when I was a child in North Carolina. I've used them in the past, in their cello sleeves, but one year that didn't work out very well. In Florida, even with a monthly exterminator, I still found little ants climbing to my tree and some were successful in getting inside the candy cane wrappers. Somehow those little pests crawled under the door and onto the tree nearby. You wouldn't think peppermint would be all that attractive to ants, would you?

  4. When I was younger my mother would hang up home made gingerbread boys and girls wrap in saran wrap on the family tree that every year along with little Candy Canes, and sometimes she would even tie a bow on a package with Candy Canes attach to them.

    I carry on her tradition somewhat I just don't make any gingerbread at all,mostly cause I cant stand the taste of Ginger bread and simply use all kinds of flavors of Candy Canes instead.

  5. I do..because we don't have very many ornaments...and they are cheap. We bought the rainbow type this year...of course..picked by the 5 year old. :)

  6. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Hi Lee...If you want candy canes...put them on your tree. I'm like Janet...haven't don't that in years. I got your card is a beautiful put a lot of care into making it...I showed my hubby...we are both impressed! Thank you again...when you said cards, I had postcards in my brain.
    Thanks again for the wonderful card!!!

  7. Candy canes are fun and happy and great to eat! I say, go for it and enjoy. They will make your tree pretty!


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