Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in a nutshell

well the countdown begins for the beginning of 2012
in 2011 i blogged 238 times
made some good and bad art
took alot of courses and learned alot
have 112 followers (thank you)
made many good blogging friends
grieved over the loss of my mother
had a few scary health concerns (good now)
took a few trips
had fun times with good friends
watched my daughter grow as a woman
celebrated my 39the wedding anniversary
helped my sister
tonight we are staying home having a quiet new year
sometimes we don't even make it up for new years,
we are going today at 1:00 pm to have lunch with
friends at the Red favourite place on earth.
What are you doing tonight?


  1. Countdown here too! In 5 hours....I wish you a great start into the NEW YEAR!! THANK YOU for your blogging-friendship!!!!! And your unique inspiring art, plus your humor!!!!

    Off to 2012 with lot's of new art and blog posts!!!!

    SMILES, Anke :)

  2. We're staying home this evening, as is usual for us. Tomorrow, I cook the traditional southern US feast: pork (of some sort. I'm doing a crockpot roast), black-eyed peas (for pennies in the New Year) and greens (for dollars). Husband wants sweet potatoes and a big cast-iron pan of cornbread too.

    Hope 2012 is kind to you. Thanks for letting us enjoy your art and you! Happy New Year!

  3. went to bed early as DH had early start 5am start for work... I was tired but fireworks woke me up! off to lunch with a friend today so not too bad! hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you Lee!!! happy new year!!!

    ps thanks for a whole year load of art here and humour and so much more and more more of it in 2012 please !!!!

  4. Happy new year, Lee! Inside tonight (as always) trying to explain to Kate why a ball is dropping in New York. She just saw it for the first time. Best creativity wishes for 2012, Lee! xo

  5. Happy new year Lee!


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