Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mrs. No idea

I quess you can tell, I have no ideas, no art ideas i mean
the well has run dry this week.  The feeling of blogging
is not there.  Is it the season? Is it sometimes you need
to take a break.  I kept going by Zorans blog, but
she had not posted in awhile.  Finally a post
a bunch of bloggers had emailed her and asked
if she was alright.  She was she had just
up and quit her blog, she thought nobody
would miss . she came
back, explained she had enough for now,
and goodbye.  Do you feel like that sometimes?
Or am I the only one, or is blogging going
out of style, now with different ways to
communicate. thru face book, twitter etc.
Personally face book or twitter is not
for me.  Ok lets take a poll, do you
like to blog, facebook or twitter, which one the most
Me.  its blog when I have something to say


  1. I like blogging and facebook. They serve different purposes for me. Facebook is quick and immediate and there is more interaction than on the blog (partly because it is quick, and partly because my friends list is small). The blog is for more thoughtful posting.

    Pinterest is really big right now - but I haven't really gotten into it. Of course, I said the same thing about facebook once upon a time.

    Listen to your heart - post where you like, when you feel moved to do so. That's the best approach, no matter which outlet you choose.

  2. Blogging for me too, facebook like the other comment says is just fast chat!
    Look I ve been thinking about this recently too, maybe its a seasonal thing... but really I would miss your blog if it wasnt there!

    having said that... I may just stop this year too... thinking about it at this stage... but then again....

  3. Blogging for me, too. I don't do Facebook.

    I hope you don't ever quit blogging because even when you say you don't have any ideas, I think you do. Your blog is always fresh and makes me think plus I love your art. Don't give up on blogging. Just do like me and take breaks when you need them.

  4. I enjoy blogging but sometimes worry I post too much personal information. I treat it rather like a journal at times which then is rather too public! I just enjoy the connection with others. I like to think I am still anonymous and hope that no-one I know reads me! It would be great just to be able to let go of that fear! Maybe one day!
    Facebook, not so much as it has such a mix of people not all who I want to share with.
    I do like twitter again as it sometimes gives more connection - you can just jump into a conversation if you so wish, I also enjoy the quick exchange of information on there.
    I am sure we all wonder if we want to continue blogging at times. I have been doing the same lately as I seem to have no time or energy to generate interesting content and the blog was in danger of just becoming soley a journal.
    I love looking at your art and enjoy exploring your links to other crafty people. Thank you for linking to my blog and showing the christmas card I made by the way. I've been so wrapped up(lol) that I've neglected to thank you. xx

  5. If you've been to my blog recently, you'll have noticed that I hadn't posted in over a month. Simple explanation: I had nothing to blog about. I took an unexpected and involuntary blog break. Sometimes, you just need a break but make sure to give yourself a time limit or it will be harder to get back into the habit of blogging again.
    Hope your holiday season is peaceful.

  6. i blog and facebook. haven't figured out twitter, not sure i want to. i've been slow at posting to my blog the last few weeks. haven't had time for any creative endeavors, just too busy. i'll be back after the first. happy new year.

  7. YES I LOVE TO BLOG....can you tell, lol. I am sure, with all that extra blogging in a day.

    FB is okay to stay in contact with friends in the US and in other parts of the world, but blogging is definitely the FUN! Especially I can sing my creative-soul-searching-following-my-heart-pour-out.

    Smiles, Anke :)


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