Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in review..

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this is my art badge created for a facebook challenge by April Cole
in 2013 I posted 227 times
I started actually blogging in 2006, April 27
almost 7 years of blogging hard to believe
this year has had its ups and downs
had some health scares
but they all worked out
I turned 60 and wished I was still 30 so much to still do
I created some good art
I created some bad art
I took a few courses
made a great art friend who lives in the same city
lost some weight
gained some weight
kept up my swimming 5 days a week even when I didn't want to go
watched the shopper go after a great job and get it
saw the boyfriend get a new job and be happy
watched the hubby try to adjust to retirement life
went on some great trips with some great friends
cooked more than I ever have before and enjoyed it
went to a great wedding
have some great neighbours who have become new friends
enjoyed everyone blogs
found some new blogs to follow
expanded and grew as an artist
gave a canvas to a family member and didn't worry to much if it was good enough
decided not to have a word for the year
decided to be more in the moment
learn how to say no when I need to
not to stress and think I have to blog when I have nothing to say
take more pictures
to be braver
to take a live model art class
to make a list of my favourite 100 songs ever and
load them to my ipod from ITunes
take some trips with the hubster
enjoy each other more
to be softer less hard line

so that's it things I have done in 2013 and some things I want to do in 2014


  1. you did some wonderful things and created some great art!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like a great year all around! I hope you have an even happier one in 2014, with lots of time for fun, family and, of course, your art! (Ok, what are your 100 favorite songs, I wonder?)

  3. That's a great year of accomplishments, Lee!

  4. hey great a great year! Let's have an even better year this year! I smiled when I read..."I lost some weight, I gained some weight." If it stays even, you'll be fine :)


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