Saturday, June 10, 2006

Score one for me......

<Today was shopping day with my daughter. She came home with nothing, but I came home with the above items. You probably wondering what is she going to do with those things. First let's just say, I got them all on sale...... at Winners.
The little suitcase I am going to store pictures that have yet to be put into my picture filing system(sounds pretty important) its not. The case with the small binders will be mini albums, the stickers I can use anywhere. Well hubby has gone over to a buddy's house to watch the game, so i am doing what, not watching the hockey game, I know I am Canadian and not interested in hockey, but that's just the way it is... Did not post last night, got home from tired, and grumpy, watched some TV and had an early night. Well enough of this for now, come on back tommorw and let's see if I can find something interesting to say..


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