Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Art of the Teapot.....

Yes this is going to be the title of the 12x12 layout I am creating for the scrapbooking contest, it will be all about the art of the teapot, step by step, and then the final product. It sounds pretty bad even to me, but trust my vision. So Step 1 -is a drawing or sketch of the main focus of the page, Step 2- (which I forgot to get a picture of, is cutting the teapot out into sections. Step 3 - Choosing the anchor page, Ste 4- Choosing the colour pallete for the teapot areas. Step 5- Adhering the paper to the sketch sections. That is where I am now. Still lots to do, but I have time. Well today was a mix of cloud, rain and sun. Its suppose to be thundering tonight, nothing better than a thunder shower. I am really excited about the teapot piece, I first invisioned it as an art piece for the wall, but I even think this could be an art piece. We will just have to wait and see, how it turns out. I have been thinking about taking a couple of my pieces to a store near here and ask them to sell them. Could be a couple of drawbacks to that plan, 1 - is i dont think I could do it, 2 - what if they thought my work stunk and I think its good. So maybe I'll go in and ask, if I could email them pictures of my work, and they could then either dismiss it or ask to see the real thing. Then I would not have to see them face to face, unless they liked my work. Yes I am a crazy person, I guess I dont really like rejection. Well gotta to go talk to you tomorrow.


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