Friday, June 23, 2006

Step 2 of the Teapot Project.....

Well this is step two of the project, I know you probably thinking it looks kinda crappy and this time you would be right, but dont judge it to harshly, it's still in the planning stage, no embellishments, not finished, nothing set in stone yet. Lots more to do on it. Well as you can see by the time, its late and why and I still up and not getting my much needed beauty rest. I got home late shopping with my daughter, and dinner at the Spagetti Factory. So tomorrow I am going to help my friend with an envelope to hold a map, that she is making for a gift opening ceromony. So of course I will take pictures of our handy work and post for you to enjoy (ha ha) hope it turns out. Well the bed seems to be calling my name and my eyes are getting tired as well as these trusty fingers. Talk to you tomorrow.


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