Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Projects ,,,,Projects

Yes that is right I am stressing out over all the projects that I have yet to finish, and these are just for me. I could not imagine having to do things on a time limit. I have these projects left to finish: The father days chipboard book, for Sunday, I just have the pictures and then my daughter is going to add the Dadism's, things that he always say's that bug her. Its a joke between them. I have the Paris picture, I have a teapot project on the go, I have to make a birthday card for a friend, and on and on..... But as all you know a womans work is never done, what with my full time job, cooking etc, I get to the stuio late at night.

I had a great time making this little chipboard book, it went quickly together. The front and the back are the pictures. Well gotta go talk to you tommorw .


  1. Anonymous12:36 PM

    You have such great ideas. Hope when it comes time for my birthday you put your thinking cap on (if you can ever remember when it is). I would like to see the finsihed product so bring it some time when we are together. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the baby shower.

  2. Sandy1:07 PM

    ...this looks like a very nice project for Ken from Lindsey....now tell me where do you come up with all of your clever ideas????? ...Martha??? ...or forgot...you are Martha...


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