Thursday, June 08, 2006

You got a friend.....

This picture which is not mine (Friedrich Seidnestucker) says it all, everybody needs a friend. I have 3 good freinds, we will do anything for each other. There always there when you need them. Each one of them is completly different but we all get along. We all went to the Olive Garden tonight and had a blast.We have been friends for about 27 years.Were all pretty close in age. Well not much to say tonight went to the Scrapbook store on the way home bought some paper for the card project. Talk to you tommorrow.


  1. It was a great night, getting together is always fun. In talking about our annual get-away, I think that should get together again before the end of August to figure out the many pairs of PJ's do we need, etc...etc. I love getting together, we always have so much to talk and laugh about. About your blog, Lee, I think that you are very talented and innovative, I think your baby book sounds very special, the new Mom will be very honored to get such a personal gift from you.

  2. Nice that you have sis


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