Monday, June 26, 2006

Lifelong Friends....

I was thinking about my mother today, and she is coming to live in the same city as me. She is 78 and not getting any younger (note the pun) the picture posted is of her and her bestfriends (sisters. They lived across the street from each other and have been livelong friends since second grade. They remained friends until their death/ There death hit my mother hard as it has a way of saying dont get to comforable it can happen any time to anyone. My mother has experienced alot of death in her life, my dad at 55, my sister at 55, all her friends but she still is able to laugh and joke. I admire my mother's ability to get on with it, after the death of my sister, two weeks later she had a heart attack, but she now recovered and ready for her new adventure to move closer to me. I am excited for her to come as she has not lived in the same city has me since I was 19 years old. It will seem odd just to be able to go for a visit. On the craft front, the teapot project is slated to finished by the end of this week. I will post the completed project. I have been trying various paint techniques to use in the title but not to happy with any of them. Well must go its Monday and I am tired as usual and my favorite show is on House. I love that show, it quick witted and terribly funny in a sick kind of way, if you havent seen it before tune in you will become quickly addicted. Well talk to you tommorw.


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