Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Friday or not.....

Okay I wasn't going to post the Paris Project..... because I am not happy with it, the project did not come together quickly, when that happens you know it all downhill from there. Oh well, I tried and failed, and it did not cost me anything and I learned a few things along the well, so all ends well. Now I move forward on to the next project, I don't like to have a zillion projects on the go and none finished. Saturday, all day long will be in the studio finishing up hopefully some of those oustanding things and a little cleanup is required. Tomorrow night the hockey game and family coming over to watch, its Pizza night, no I am not making it, so I can relax and watch to, (even though hockey is not my thing) . Well gotta to go if you have any ideas on how to improve that Pairs project I would be glad to hear. Talk to you tommorw.


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