Saturday, June 24, 2006

Glueing it down the final committment....

Yes, when you commit to glueing it down, that means no more changes, then the indecision goes through you body for hours, could i have done it better, should I have moved it, should I have done something else. Well I done it now ,I have to move on and finish it, if your thinking there is alot of white space you are right. Well the Title of the piece still has to play a promient role "The Art of the Teapot". Plus the steps that are involved in the design process. Plus the word tea in Japanese. So It should not have to much white space left. The Plan is to get it done by Tuesday night. Well today was a perfect day, the weather was great, spent it with my daughter doing errands and such, not many days she want to hang around with me. My daugher and hubby went to the football game and I had piece and quiet in the studio. My idea of heaven. Well got to hit the hay I am walking with friends at 9:00 am. Talk to you tommorw.


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