Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Mail......

Happy Tuesday it's almost the middle of the week.... Today I got some great mail, the book that I ordered "decorative journals by Donna Downey came I can hardly wait to get into bed and read it. I have her other book Creative Albums, amazing. I have a link to her site, she also has amazing wit and a great way with words My other favourite with a link is Cathy Zieiske, I also have her book, Clean and Simple Lines 1 and 2, I love the look of clean design, that is what I strive for when doing any art or scrapbooking project, I like the uncluttered look in my home as well. I was thinking today I havent said to much about me, to let you know the person I really am. I will share a few snippets about me ,(so you can probably stop reading now totally boring).
I was born in Ottawa, Canada(The capital of Canada)
Father was in Airforce and we travelled around the world
Lived in England for 1 year
Lived in France for 3 years

That's enough of that for now, gotta go, talk to you tommorw, i wish some of you who are not my friends would talk to me, i would love to hear from you.


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