Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Summer in the City.....

Yes, its that time Summer is here..... I went and took this picture at the fountain near our house, its the closest you can get to water around here. I actually went and took some pictures of the fountain for a photo contest I am entering. I have not blogged in a few days, I was visiting my friendly dentist and got some work done, so needless to say I did not want to talk to anyone even blogging. Well the purple project (the contest) is my next project, so gonna start work on that tomorrow night, I am calling it the Teapot project (dont you just love all this goof ball names) I have drawn a tea pot and cut it out by hand, going to cover it with patterned paper, etc. I decided I am going to post step by step, so you can all see it. Well gotta go, it's a beautiful night out and I am going to spend some quality time on my deck. Talk to you tomorrow.


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  2. Summer in the City and the living is gotta love it. I did the same thing last night...hung out on the deck. What contest is it that you are entering? What is the prize, because I know with your luck you will win!


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