Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"L" is the letter of the day because.....

I have no other exciting pictures today to post, because L is my first initial, L mean Love, L means alot of exciting things. Well my daughter talked me into entering the Teapot in the contest, I took it after work, they did not laugh me out of the store, so I suppose it went over alright. My daughter did not understand, that 1. that is my favourite store, 2. I want to keep going there. 3. They have never seen anything I have done, so I was this mysterious scrapbooker who could have been great or really bad, but they did not know.
Now they know, I scrap out of the book, not tradionally, I could do traditional but I feel it's not me. Well now that the Teapot is done, I going to work on a travel book, for my upcoming trip with hubby to go and pick up my mother. Not going to start anything big until I get home, I have an idea on the backburner that I am going to finalize and think about. Today was an awesome day not only in the weather, but today we all went out to celebrate some employees milestones in there working career, and to boot we had a steak bbq. It was great, but I have one bitch, men honestly, it was a buffet, they took 2 or 3 steaks at a time, I was thinking there probably would not be enough for everyone, why was I worrying, but I did the ordering and the planning of the event, and I know how much I ordered. But some people were not there, so we got through. Oh well, heres to another year. Well must go its early tonight that I am posting, I am going to grab a cooler out of the fridge and sit on the deck and enjoy the beautiful weather. Hubby is workng late, the daughter is out with the boyfriend, the end of school today, grade 12!!! Well talk to you tomorrow.


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