Monday, June 12, 2006

We are family.......

Yes that right, my daughter just completed her pen and ink drawing for Art 30. I think it is fabulous and wanted you all to see it. Grade 12 is just about over, and final assignments and studying for finals, this was one of the final projects to complete the course. If I were her teacher I would give her a great mark (but after all i am the mother and a bit bias). Just got back from Michaels had a coupon and had to use it before it burnt a hole in my purse. Paper and adhesive today, have another for Saturday, I going to buy some stamps. Still working on my Paris project that what I am calling my yellow design. I have put things on and taken them off so many times, I am getting dizy and just a little sick of the project. So this week I am going to finish it, i am going to go in a different direction make it more like a old french playbill for the Follies, need to do a little research first. Well must hit the road, the iron is calling to me. Talk to you tommorw.


  1. SHUT-UP....Not sure I have the right tone or not....Lyndsey's drawing is fabulous! Tell her she should go into art, she is very good. Be sure to post your finished the way my iron was calling me yesterday also....but I turned a deaf ear, so guess what I am doing tonight?

  2. Marianne (ML)12:27 PM

    Very interesting Lee. I finally logged on and read the blog. Will have to make it a daily ritual to keep up on your life since I don't see you daily anymore. Miss our coffee breaks and reading the obits.
    Your blog is very interesting and the artsy side of you shines thru. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  3. Sandy1:03 PM can certainly tell where Lindsey gets her talents......and good looks....she does have a gift, just like her momma....


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