Sunday, June 04, 2006

These shoes were made for walking....

And that just what they did, they walked today, they havent walked in while so lets just say, I dont know if I will be able to walk tomorrow. My Dr. says more exercise is required, so I thought about it and started walking, today I walked with 2 of my friend 2 miles and when you walk with friends it doesnt seem like forever. Now you can also see that i posted 2 art envelopes and 1 art card, i make art cards for myself, you can trade them, but I have seen some of the others and mine dont quite make it yet, but the more I do the better I get. I just showed you a couple of examples, I like to make envelopes to store them in. Well I must go and make my lunch for tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend, it was pure sunshine here all weekend, talk to you soon. (and hey if you want to make a comment just so i dont think i am just writing for myself go right ahead good or bad I can take it)


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