Monday, June 05, 2006

Too much stuff..who me, never

Well tonight was organize the studio night, I have posted a picture of one of my drawers, and some other of my studio, its organized chaos but I like it that way, I am working on a couple of art pieces, one I have a posted a picture of it, it is a work in progress. My style, is to walk by and put different emblishments on it, then walk by and delte some, this can go on for days, so this is just the start of the process you see here. Well I was working in the studio, hubby was watching the hockey game.The art piece looks washed out on the screen but it is very vibrant in person, i am goind for the Provence look, yellows, blues etc. In one of the pictures you see a black handing hook thing, I got that at IKEA (My favourite store for like 6:00 i think). Well got to go make my lunch for work, Talk to you tomorrow.



  1. Sandy8:32 AM

    ....I don't know where you get your ideas, but you are amazing!....I love the yellow and blue creation, it looks very interesting....and sexy too.....I think that your studio looks great the way it is....I have very fond memories of your studio....the first thing that comes to mind is painting your pretty toes....


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