Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just call me Pinky

Well I have been taking a brief respite from blogging on my blog, not on others. I always feel that I have nothing worthwhile saying. I wish I could write like toni on her words flow on paper like water. I have always been rather quiet so I think, but my friends might say different. My picture is of one of the flowers that I bought at Costco the other day, and I used one of the photoshop brushes to stylize it. Today that flower is no longer with us, its gone to flower heaven. Last night we had a wonderful thunderstorm and rain, our first of the season. We get lots of thunder and lighting in this neck of the woods. Started my online class last night with I must say I am getting more for my dollar than I thought I would. What alot of work was put in for the first class. A 20 page pdf document and 6 videos, showing all her steps. If you have not signed up, run and do it now. Today I am taking Sofie to doggy daycare, she needs a little dog intervention and I need the break. I am going to the art store to pick up some more spray paint and then home to spraypaint my little brains out. I am
going to post tonight so come on back and have a look


  1. I was amazed at how much information we got in the first week! I'm so glad I signed up for this class and it was all because you mentioned it here. I've already made my portfolio and need to take pictures of it. I'm hoping for a calm day so I can spray outside.

  2. What a lovely flower and I love to read your blog. You are so creative in both your work and your words!

  3. Oh, Lee, you're a beautiful writer, it's direct, raw, and the best part is that I can really 'hear' your voice ... thank you for your praise of my writing, I do SO love to write! What happened to your poetry? Did you start that?

    I wish I could've stayed in Mary Ann's class -- bah humbug, jobs@!!@!!


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