Friday, April 24, 2009

Travel Stories....

My daughter finished her second year at college today, and then one more year and she is done. She is planning a backpack trip this year starting on June 29-July 30. She and her friends are going to go to the Philippines and Hong Kong. Most of the time they will be beach hopping in the Philippines and in Hong Kong site seeing and of course shopping. I am worried about her going, but what can you do she is 20 with a mind of her own. So the other day she asked if I wanted to go backpack shopping with her. I did and this is the backpack (I) bought her. I think that is why is asked me, smart girl that shopper, Mom is a pushover. Well have not really done to much lately, the weather is cold and to cold to spray paint. Plus lack of motivation to create anything. Well talk to you soon.


  1. It's so difficult to let go of them and let them begin their own lives. I'm sure she'll be ok and that she'll have a ton of fun. That looks like a great backpack!! And I like the journal page.

    It's still so windy here that the only time to spray paint is at the crack of dawn!!

  2. Hi Lee....I'm sure your daughter will be fine and she will have a fantastic time. Just think of all the great pictures and stories she'll have to share with you.

  3. love this page
    the travel plans sound exciting

    xox - eb.


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