Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tales from the Scales

Now I vowed I was not going to be one of those people who gave you blow by blow description of there weight loss journey. But I have been going to WW for one week now. The first week was the weigh in and to my surprise i had only gained 5lbs in one year. So was pretty happy about that, because it could have been 50. Now the second week (Wednesday) is the day I weigh in. Didn't start off so good, nowhere to park (arguing with myself since there is no where to park just come back next week). But went anyway, and did not lose one pound not an even an ounce. So did i feel bad and give up , no I had a talk with myself and said self you know why you did not lose now get with the program. So that is where it stands today, I have decided to give you monthly updates whether you want to know or not. Now this layout is about exercise, which I hate to do . I don't like to get hot and sweaty (good excuse eh, I am sticking to it). My idea of great exercise to to lay on the deck and once in awhile go in and get a diet coke. But since we have had the dog, I am the dog walker, so there is my bit of exercise. So I found this picture in
Vogue while exercising my hands. I made a mask out of it. In the real picture she had exercise clothes on, I like her more naked looking. Hope you like my page.


  1. Sometimes it takes a while before you body kicks in. Are you measuring or just weighing? I always gain weight when I first start a diet but I lose inches.

    Keep up with the walking! You might not consider it to be much but it's a lot better than a bunch of people do. It should give you a lot more energy too.

    I like the silhouette on your journal page. I immediately knew what it was about when I saw it.

  2. Laughing out loud again at your humor!!!!Keep us posted with the weight loss as it is the story of my life...up-down-up-down.

  3. I know you are not keen on exercise but I'd like to encourage you to check out Curves. I just joined a 30 day Avon Research project. I promise to go for 3 x a week for 30 min and it costs $30. So far I haven't sweat at all but I am building strength. Don't do it so much to lose weight as to keep healthy and strong.

  4. I dont know what it is - a huge coincidence maybe, but on the weeknd I decided to start WW... I bought the latest magazine my first ever and today bought some WW I gotta lose some weight too!!! please keep me posted too... I weighed myslef friday and this morning gained a few kgs! grr... oh well keep trying me!

  5. BEst of luck...I am laughing at "excersizing your hands"

  6. Yes, it's definitely worth the energy expenditure to replenish the Diet Coke. You'll just have to move your fridge farther and farther away from your patio chair, huh? And Linda is right about 'Curves' -- I HATE to exercise around anyone else, but if men are around, forget it. The atmosphere of women-only at Curves (even though I've only gone as a guest, a few times) was WAY better.


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