Sunday, April 05, 2009

Walk in my Shoes

This is my favourite song by Depache Mode. Its is so true. We always thing that somebody else
has the perfect life, or the perfect clothes, and we envy them. But do they really. We don't live
with them, we don't know what kind of life they have. When I was younger I was quick to judge
people. But now I don't judge anyone because we don't really know the person, because we don't walk in their shoes.
I am going to play along with . Its about journal ling, using your own words, using your own writing. For example for this page, I used some of a song, Words that I found in a magazine, hand painted background, a stamp I craved myself. One day when I long gone I want someone to find these journals and get a peek into my life. From my journal I hope that they would find that I am just a woman, who loves life, had flaws, has learned from her mistakes and just keeps going on. I don't like my own writing but it is in my journal. Who ever reads it in the future would probably say that girl should have used the computer.


  1. This is such a timely message for me - youve almost scared me with its timing! Youre so right off course but the grass does look greener sometimes on the other side! And yet we should not envy others cos as you say we dont know really what goes on in their lives! Good message Lee.

  2. Lee - glad to have you back! Thanks for sharing your page with the team - love the quote, and how you fabricated it from clipped words and your own writing. Song lyrics are a terrific thing for pages - thanks for reminding the team of that.

  3. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I reallt like the stencil, looks lovely.
    And I like the quote on todays entry - We all walk in different shoes - How true!
    Oh which was your favourite part?
    I cried my eyes out at the end!
    I have a little corner where I like to sit to either read or draw - either or really.
    I love reading in bed...only problem is, I sometimes do it on a morning and can never get up!!

  4. Anonymous3:17 PM

    I've not seen it yet, I want to get it on DVD though.
    Isn't he born old and gets younger?
    A few people I have mentioned The Time Travelers Wife to have compared it to that film. I think I will have to watch it soon and see for myself!
    Know of any other good books?

  5. This is pretty, and it embodies just what makes journaling work for a page.

  6. Great text, and a very pretty page, too. I hope whoever finds your journal once you are long gone will recognize it for the treasure it is.

  7. Nice job Lee! I like to use music lyrics, too. If the words of a song speak to you....they can do the talking in your journal!

  8. Great page! I like the textured look of your background. The song lyrics are great :)

  9. what a great page! really love the colors, the quote is so true!! - and don´t be too critical about your handwriting. i suppose it is the same as most of us feel with seeing photos of ourselves: we don´t like them much, but others won´t understand...

  10. Nobody's life is perfect some people can just fake it better then others. I love the idea of journaling, I used to journal all the time and have stopped as of late but I think I was happier(or on the green grass side) more when I was journaling.

    I love Depeche Mode too.

  11. Lee - I have had the same thoughts about my journals - those so in future readers - I always chuckle and hope my spirit gets a peek at them reading the journals. NICE NICE layout. Love your art work.

  12. A great post, Lee. How true that we never really know what one person's life is like!!! We all have our own struggles and trials.

    I have enjoyed catching up with your blog, and especially enjoyed your post on different stencils!!!

  13. Anonymous6:20 PM

    RIGHT ON, Lee!!

  14. Wonderful song! Love your background, so rich and beautiful. Thanks for sharing as wonderful layout.

  15. Anonymous8:13 PM

    How right you are, your message is a good one for us. How many of the people we have envied from afar now can't afford their over-mortgaged homes? Lovely soft looking page too, the background colour is lovely.

  16. I prefer to see handwriting to computer generated text in journals. It shows more character and feeling. Beautiful page!

  17. Hi Lee,

    This page is wonderful, in its message and in its content. The grass is rarely greener because we all have our story and our bad and good to deal with, don't we ?

    I sometimes think about what people who would find my journal when I am long gone would think...maybe when they see how great a form of self-expression it is, it will start a whole new generation of art journalers ? Now that would be a legacy !
    Cheers, Crusader !

  18. I too find a lot of meaning in music and journal a lot about music that speaks to me. Your page is beautiful and your writing is nice. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I just love this spread with these great words of wisdom. They are so very true. I love your choice of colors as well. Evereything about this page is just great!

  20. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I love the words and colors that you used!

  21. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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