Saturday, April 04, 2009

In Need of a Rework....

This is the first picture that I ever painted, and used wax on it. After I was finished I was so
proud of myself. I have had it hanging around for ever. For starters its suppose to have the other side of her. Which I have not done. I really had a good look at her and she needs a re-do.
The face is to round, the colours are not working for me... As an artist are you ever happy with
the final product. Truthfully, I pick everything apart that I do. My critical eye is working overtime. I have to learn to let it go and go with the flow. Easier said than done.
Today was great, the weather co-operated was nice. Used my 50 percent off coupon at Michaels on some paint. Stayed on the WW plan and now am going to watch a movie with the hubby. We are going to watch Lakeview Terrace, suppose to be good. What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Hi Lee, sounds like a fun day! I'm taking care of my sinus infection....really bad, so not much for me with enjoying the outside spring weather. Well off the check the rest of you blog, since I was a little weak this week....smiles, Anke ;)

  2. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Wow! Is that a purple print down the side?
    I love that part!

  3. I re-work my art all the time! I don't think I'm ever really satisfied with what I do. Yesterday I spent the entire day in the studio playing with stencils. Today has not been such fun but I did find a respirator to use when I spray paint and it was a bargain so I guess that's good.

  4. ...its hard not to be critical of our own work. You do amazing work, and I love all of your art! It sounds like you had a great day...keep up the good work both in art and WW....

  5. Been under the weather but I like the piece! I am sure whatever you do to it, it will be fabulous when you are finished.


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