Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who am I really

I don't really know any more, I am constantly changing. I look back on that girl . I was married at 20 way to young to be married. But I was in love and still am with the same man. But I have changed in other ways, I have grown and evolved from that girl to a mature woman who knows what she wants. It has taken me along time on this journey and I am still finding out who I am. For years I searched for something to hold on to something that was totally mine. And I finally found out what that was and it was Art. And now its like the world has opened up and given me this gift of making art. No matter how good or bad my art is I enjoy making it. And I think that is what part of the journey is enjoying the life I live, and doing it the best I know how to.


  1. I feel much the same way about art. For years I didn't do anything creative and I was very unhappy. When I finally found the courage to be creative again it opened up a whole new side of me and I'll never let it go again.

    I love your art! And you always make me think.

  2. ROCK ON, LEE!!!! This seems to be a day when the women whose blogs I read are stepping up and making strong declarative sentences -- I LOVE IT!!! Your art is such an inspiration to me; thank GOD you found it!

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    you are so inspiring to me i have my knitting and my ice hockey but i still feel like something is missing but i also was married young and i am still with the same man but i think that some day i wil figure out what is missing to make me feel complete
    take care Lee your cousin in Vancouver xxoo

  4. Anonymous1:13 PM

    YES!! Keep on going!!

  5. Your beautiful work is a gift to us too! Your post certainly struck a chord deep inside. I sometimes wonder how different life would have been if we knew back then what we know now. But then again we wouldn't be who we are today which is pretty darn special and Artists with a capital A.

  6. wonderful self portrait!!!! i love what you wrote to go with it, too! i feel so much the same about all you said and was married at 20, too. ;)


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