Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I just dont know when to quit

This is one of my art pages that I did for Dispatch from La Class that I am taking. Okay after looking at this page I decided that I just don't know when enough is enough. Enough colour enough pattern. I saw this photo is vogue, she was exercising in her high heels with weights. It was to funny, because doesn't everyone exercise in high heels. So I thought what is more ridiculous is she should be boxing, so that she is. My motto now is "less in enough" and I am going to try and follow that rule.


  1. krissie at winterwood5:10 AM

    Lee..........this is not overworked or over done - just right I think! I like it!

  2. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Not overworked from me either!...maybe we SHOULD be working out in heels...wonder if that would help..

  3. I see such lush layering, here, not overdone at all to my eyeballs. And I have that EXACT Vogue picture, only I cut her out to make a ZENA card (a tongue-in-cheek Zena card, but nonetheless a ZENA card) .... I like what you did with her better!!!

  4. I really like this page. And by the way I have an exercise video by Celine Dion...and she exercises in 3 inch heels...I kid you not.:}

  5. Hi Lee!
    I love this page. It's not too much for me either. I love the richness and interest in all the layers.

  6. I think this one is just perfect....not too much for me!


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