Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Travels with Lee

Thats right my dream vacation would be to go to Egypt. I would sail on the nile and just create art. I might have to go by myself as hubby doesnt want to go, to dangerous. The whole world is a dangerous place nowadays. Oh well a girl can dream. I created this page in my art journal. I went outside my comfort zone as usually I dont do pages like this. But I think it turned out alright. A girl has to try new things. Well today its a day of errands and cleaning. Postoffice, drycleaners,bank,laudry and maybe cleaning the studio. What are you doing today.


  1. Leave hubby behind, let's get a group of Wild Women and head over -- I'm SO in!!! Egypt fascinates me, always has. Love the way you've caught the feeling of its mystery in your page, here, too! I was 17 when King Tut's exhibit visited Washington, D.C., and my family and I went to see that -- talk about mind altering.

  2. Hi Lee
    Great journal page. Egypt is on my "Bucket List", right now it's the only thong on my list. :)

  3. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I really like the colors on this one,'s really soft and perfectly worn. :)

    (I don't all...hardly..)

  4. I want to go to Italy but my hubby doesn't fly. I hope someday we both get our dream vacations and love the journal page.

  5. I always say I'll go to Europe and Asia and The Middle East when they get the bridge built! I don't fly. But I can visit in my dreams and Egypt would most definitely be on my dream list. I LOVE the page you did. It may be outside your comfort zone but you captured it so perfectly.

    I've been playing with stencils again!! Only a couple more days to wait!

  6. happy easter to you Lee!!


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