Monday, April 20, 2009

Goodmorning Blogworld....

This is a board that I bought at Michaels, and I use for my spray paint station in the garage. I use it to contain the spray paint so it doesnt spray all over. I also use it in the studio, for the maya mists.
I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was okay, this week will be better I am sure. I decided to take some photos of things that I know you would be interested in (lol) so if your not close the page. This Photos is of my stencil bin, I am taking an online class . So I have a move able bin, so I can spray paint outside and have everything I need at my fingertips. I debated on showing you this one, because it is not finished, I like the texture I created but it needs something else. I created the texture using, tile putty and a pallet knife.

These is a page in progress in my Art Journal. Look at the bottom picture I used that as a stencil and use maya spray ink on it. I didnt want to go out to garage to use the spray paint. Well today I am going to work on my spray painting class so you might see some samples later.


  1. LOVED seeing your stencil bin. I am always curious what others use for their stencils, I should put all mine into a pile and photograph them also.
    LOVE your journal page!!!

  2. Lovely Lee! I enjoyed seeing your processes and marveled at how organized your work station is.

  3. I free wrote in my journal, that is what I committed to doing for 37 days. 10 minutes is all that is required so I am starting small. I think I'll post the process tomorrow. Love your post today. What class are you taking? Maybe I can join you.

  4. we will have to motivate each other!!(re weight loss) I am finding it very hard but if someone else is doing it then it better to compare notes!

    love that stencil... I think I have just about given up on art... no motivation at the mo..well I have done one or two things, but too little!!

  5. I like the textured piece. Tile putty! I've been using spackle and adding wood glue so it doesn't crack. I'll have to try the putty.

    Your stencil bin is jammed full of goodies. I see lots of cool items. I'm using a box right now but I need something a little bigger....I keep getting more and more stencil stuff!


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