Monday, April 27, 2009

I am a recycler

The Coke family would be proud to know, not only am I biggest Diet Coke drinker they must have. But I also use the cardboard cartons the 12 pack comes in to make art. I made these 2 covers out of the 12 pack. They are the art journal covers I am going to use to house my work in.
Now it is not my best work, I was out in the garage spraypainting and it was freezing, right now it is snowing. What's that you say your in you bathing suit and I am in my parka. So I was hurrying to get in the house. I am enjoying the class at your own pace. Lately my pace has been slow to dead. I go in cycles lots of creative stuff then nothing. This weekend was pretty good. We watched a movie called Rachels Wedding, would I recommend it, no. But really it was a different kind of movie and was not that bad. Well I decided to go down to the studio and purge junk I am not using and try to get creative. Talk to you tommorow.


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Delicious!!!I LOVE your paint colors!!

  2. Hi Lee, oh no! More snow....I send you lot's of spring weather over!!!!! Our nature finally turned green and the temperatures are not cold anymore. Today we had a rainy day, but that's least it's green in the landscape! So lot's of green and colors your way!
    Oh before I forget, thoses spraypaint artworks are fun! I really enjoyed looking at them!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  3. Cool a** covers, Lee! can't tell at all you were freezing your heinie, they're so explosive and bright. And, uh, just so you know, I happen to be the number one consumer of Diet Coke -- but I haven't yet used the 12-pack container for any art, just packing material for stuff I send out. And Zoe uses them for sleeping noodles if I rip the opening up just a little wider for her -- she actually BACKS into them so her head hangs out the opening. eesh. She's been inhaling too much acrylic paint all her feline life!

  4. How creative! I can never think of doing things like that on my own. It's like my mind can't process using something other than what it's for sometimes. I really like the spraypaint layering you've done on it.

  5. Snow, again! I'm not exactly in my swim's been very windy and a bit chilly here, too so not much spray painting for me either.

    I love your art journal covers. The colors are delicious! And it's good to know I'm not the only one who saves all kinds of cardboard packaging to use for art!

  6. I think they are beautiful colors and a great way to recycle. We're in the 90's(or high 80s whatever). Not the most inspiring weather for the perimenopausal woman. I love the journal covers and can't wait to see what you do next.

  7. Hi Lee - I am in hibernation especially when it comes to art at the moment, like you it goes in cycles.... oh well its nearly winter here!! lol! I cant believe you have snow - again!!!


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