Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tips from Mama

ATC card done with Pitt artist brush pens and white out

Well its a beautiful day in the neighbourhood (lol).  Well today's topic is the Shopper.  The shopper who does not read this blog, does not know I talk about her thank god is moving on up.  No  not to the east side but about 10 miles away as the crow files in November.  The shopper and the boyfriend have bought a condo together (brand new) which is being built as we speak and wont be ready till
November.  So lots of time to get used to her being gone.  But now I wonder did I teach her enough about cooking, cleaning, etc.  Because her cleaning and my cleaning don't blend well together.  She says once she has her own place it will be neat as pin.  (I cant wait to see that).  So since I have heard the news I have been giving her cooking tips which she finally is interested in.  I know they wont starve I think the boyfriend can cook, and the mother (me) can always pack up meals on wheels for them.  My mother didn't really teach me to much, I learned it on my own so I guess its sink or swim.
Did any of you learn much from your mothers?


  1. Ha! My mom never taught me anything about cooking or keeping a house. I guess she thought I'd miraculously become rich and have maids and a cook! That didn't happen....and I was left to learn on my own. Maybe that explains my complete lack of interest in cooking!!

    I love the's so cute.

  2. Anonymous4:05 PM

    yes my mom your Aunt taught me how to cook and bake and knit and all that fun stuff and to this day I still enjoy it
    I also learned a few dishes from your Mom like pine apple delight and a few chinese dishes but not too many
    I am so glad to hear your mom is home give her my love and tell her that we all miss and love her very much
    love always your cousin in BC

  3. I don't think I learned anything from my mother as far as recipes or specifics..but I look back at my childhood and know that I learned how to be a good person in general. She'll be fine...buying a condo is fantastic news!

  4. I was exactly the same as Janet and to this day cooking is really just a nessecity and not really a pleasure to do!

  5. My mom didn't really teach me to cook. I sort of learned on my own, while still living at home. As for cleaning, well, she's never been big on that so, unfortunately, I follow her example and don't do much cleaning!


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