Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its Saturday and Its Summer - what are you doing today

My art journal is a book about walls, I don't know if I told you that before, usually I just gesso over them, but sometimes they call to me and I know immediately what I want to say.  This one called to me (lol).  Well as I said its Saturday and its summer, and its hot what are you doing today.  Well today at my art store, its there usually July24 huge sale and bbg, so I am going there.  Then I might go to the bookstore pick up a book I have been wanting to get The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, everyone says its good.  Then its home to sit on the deck and soak a little of sun up.  Tonight its about the BBQ, chicken burgers, corn, grilled vegetables and cole slaw, and maybe a ice cold beer.  I am not a big drinker but hot days call sometimes for a ice cold something.  Have a great summer Saturday. 

Monday stay tuned for an announcement from here and from Janet we are cooking up some fun.



  1. Your Saturday sounds better than mine. HB was gone most of the day but I had to run errands, then when I finally got home I was hot and tired and didn't feel like doing anything else.

  2. I'm starting to envy your warm weather, as its bben so cold here! sounds like youre having a great weekend.. !!!

  3. Saturday I went shoppping to an art,book,and clothing store. I love to shop as you can see lol My hubby and I rented a movie, It is really hot where I live. Love your art work


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