Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday Sunday

This actually is two postcards I made for a fellow blogger.  She left me a message saying she really liked my art and did I sell it, which I dont,  but I offered to make her postcards.  So I sent a postcard not these but another one, which she didnt get.  So I made these two  they go together.  I have never heard if she got it or not.  I made them and sent them about 3 months ago.  I am afraid to email her
just in case she did not get these and then she thinks that I am only saying I made them.  See a good deed can turn on you. 
Well today I had my mother over for dinner.  She has not been here in months (hospital) I made her favourite dinner which she requested (liver and onions) I do not eat liver neither does my husband.  As soon as it touches my tongue my head is over the toilet, also happens with crest toothpaste.  She loved it, ate every bit of it, so I was happy. 

Yesterday I bought myself a new laptop, so now  I can go and have coffee (diet coke) at second cup and be like the rest of the yuppies who sit there with their laptops ,   Then went to the art store, bought some more pitt artist pens, some soft pastels.  Then on to the scrapbook store, and bought some paper with arrows, some journal cards, and a stamp.  So all and all with the laptop I think I blew my wad for awhile.  I will have to keep my future purchases on the down low for awhile.

Well off to try and do some art.  So what exciting things did you do this holiday weekend?


  1. Love the new banner!!! And of course these postcards, too. I remember seeing them on your blog or ones very much like them. Maybe your postcards have the same fate as the ones I made for you (that I've never found, by the way!!)

    So glad your mom is home and able to come for dinner at your house. That would not be something I'd want to eat though....even if I ate meat!

  2. Forgot to say, Yea! for you getting a laptop. Let me know how you like it. I mostly use mine while I'm watching TV.


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