Saturday, July 03, 2010

Birds of a feather

I know stupid title, but do you have a hard time as I do coming up with these titles that make people want to tune in.  Well this page was inspired by a class I am taking from the lovely Dawn
at author of two books, one just about to be published.  She called the online class the Art Stimulus , I am enjoying it, no pressure, twice a week she send us prompts, and we create from that. Today I am out and about, going to the art store, going to the scrapbook store, going to second cup with my journal, going to staples, its a day for I will report back with what I have bought.


  1. what a creative page - I love the idea of using a feather as a body. And I have some feather's laying around. I might just have to be a bird of a feather and flock together by copying your creative genius!

  2. Shopping, journaling, relaxing..sounds great to me! Love the feather on your bird too.

  3. Love love love the bird and the feather!!

    Now I wanna know what you bought!!


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