Thursday, July 08, 2010

I wonder.....

visual journal page, done with magazine cutouts, some watercolour,gesso,window compliments of freebies, song lyrics K West

I love music, I listen to it all day long at home .  When in the studio I have music on, its not blasting in the studio but its in the background, in the car.  I think the reason is my love of the  lyrics, poetry the way the words flow and make sense.  And isn't there always one song that fits your life at that exact moment, or that song you remember from your teenage angst ridden  years.  The one song for me was
The House of the Rising Sun, my favourite even today. I remember that song was playing when I broke up with a boy and he was taking it well, I think I was 14, can remember the song, but not the boy's name.  This song I Wonder by K West really is about following your dreams, and don't we as artists all follow our dreams.
Okay whats the one song that means something to you?


  1. Robin Marie is the blogger that made me want to meet more bloggers and start my own! I love her site.

  2. Great page, Lee!

    I don't have a single song that brings back those memories...but since we listened to the radio so much on Summer Vacation when I was a kid I would have to say that pretty much all 80's tunes remind me of hanging out with my friends. Love the 80's :)

  3. There isn't one song that I recall but most of the songs from the 60's and 70's will trigger memories....heck, who am I fooling! Even some from the 50's! I don't always listen to music in the studio but I have everything from classical and some opera to rock to world music and just about anything in between....well, except really crude punk music or hip hop.

  4. I LOVE all the oldies music, from the seventies and on... there is the odd modern one that I like! great collage Lee!


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