Thursday, July 15, 2010

Doodles, and some chit chat

Just a doodle with to do things from awhile ago, that's what happens when you get me near a piece of paper.  The hubby goes grocery shopping from my list, and you should see it, one day as a joke, I am
going to draw every item I want and see if he can get it.  Today is all about spray painting the big mixed media piece, trying to get a book made, some organization in some paper from the art room.  I just made dinner for tonight, so I did not have to waste any time.  We are having chicken solivaki pita wrap, with vegetable and taziki sauce and salad and corn on the cob.  Its hot, that how we roll here when it's hot, just the bare necessities to keep you fueled.  Hubby has been talking about retiring in September, ok now I need to go out and get a job (lol) we have been married got 38 years this year I think, but we have never stayed home together longer the holidays 2 or 3 weeks. Should be interesting, what will he do with himself, he had no hobbies to speak off, we talked about that last night.  He said he was going to join the YMCA and work out etc.  I informed him, retirement does not mean cleaning the house every day because you are bored, I do not do that.  Because when he does a job guess who his partner is.

Well tomorrow, I am going to show some of my favourite products, I saw that on someone website and I liked it, so Fridays it will be.  What is your favourite product of the moment.  Also a give away on tomorrow blog no matter where you live.


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    the thought of dh retiring sends shivers through me!


  2. Hi Lee! It's been awhile since I have stopped over, but I still think about you! Your contour giraffes are awesome.

    I've enjoyed catching up!

  3. Hello, Your drawing is fantastic. Well done. Retirement is another phase of life.. we travelled in a caravan for a long time before settling down. Now its writing gardening and home for me. Ray plays golf..Bless you.

  4. Your doodles have such character. Mine just look like swirls and circles.

    Good luck on your husband's retirement! He will have to find something to occupy his time. That was HB's biggest problem. Now that he's got his own studio he's a happy camper and things are much better.


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