Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Giraffes look like prehistoric animals

I did about 50 of these bling contour drawings
of a giraffe, and these were the best.

Now I must admit I did the bottom  blind contour , and the top I did looking a little, so I cheated.  So that is why it looks only semi giraffe like. am having a good time working thru her book, it is so easy and entertaining to read. 
Last night the shoppers car was broken into (a long story) anyway they took her purse, yes her purse was in there,  according to her she was not staying long.  How many times your mother said always take your purse.  Oh well an expense lesson to learn, but she has learned it now. 
 Window broken 250.00
Wallet taken with over 200.00 in cash
Pay cheque not cashed yet
Louis Vitton purse and wallet
Enough said

So I did not do to much today but drive her to get her new license $20.00, it was a costly mistake for her.So what did your mother teach you that you never paid attention to and regretted it?


  1. oh what a ghastly thing to happen to her... they say never to leave things in the car over here too. But then my dh had his whole car stolen a few yrs back... that was an awful experience too. Its so good that youre there for her to help out, I do stuff like that for my DDs too.
    I have never drawn a giraffe in my life! lol!

  2. Your giraffes are cute. And at least you're doing them!

    That's terrible about your daughter's car. It was a tough way to learn the lesson but hopefully she won't be tempted to leave her purse in the car again!


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