Friday, July 16, 2010

A surprise in the mail, and a favourite tool

I received a suprise in the mail today from Sofie she made me a beautiful collage and sent a booklet, that I amd going to use in Phoneix when I go as a travel journal.  and some bits and bobs, and I appreciate everything, it was such a surprise thank you so much Sophie I love everything.

There's the book, and some french elementary textbooks pages

Here is my favourite tool of the week.  Not  really a tool, but it is a napkin, there usually is 4 layers in a napkin, this was from the dollar store, I could only find two.  I tore what  I wanted and used golden matte medium, you could use gesso.  I painted the page where I was going to lay, layed it down and painted it with the same medium, it actually looks like a transfer and not a napkin.

I did not forget about the giveaway, to much to say today so It will be tomorrow.


  1. we must be telepathic.. I just saved 2 napkins that I liked the look of to try do pretty much the same as you - what a great effect!!!

    ps I am a primary school teacher...kindy and prekindy.

  2. Now that was a nice surprise! I love the collage Sophie did.

    Using napkins is fun. I have a whole box of them but I forget about them most of the time.

  3. what a wonderful surprise! how delightful.

  4. I look forward to seeing what you'll do with the little journal.

    I love using napkins too. It's a good way to add layers without the page getting too thick. And they come in such pretty patterns and colours too!

  5. HI Lee, I enjoy all you new art....keep on creating!
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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