Sunday, July 18, 2010

Working big is it for you and would you like to win something from me.

It;s not for me, so I cut it down and put it in my visual journal.  I like large canvases when I have something to paint, but I just couldn't make the whole thing come together.  I like it better as  a journal page.  Yesterday I met up with fellow artist and collage exchanger Gayle.  We went to our city's Art Walk, we had a really good time, saw some amazing art, found out about some classes.  Gayle told me about some amazing artists, and some classes she has taken. And her  garden is amazing, she has such a green thumb, I was in awe, as a non gardner type.  We will be getting together soon for some more art bonding and getting  to know each other.  Would it not be great if you could meet everyone that you blog with.

Well this is the give away part, the other day, I went and bought

this and found out I had already bought it.  So I am going to give it away, plus another one, an older one and I throw in some other stuff.  So if you want to win, just leave me a comment and I will draw for it on Friday.


  1. I've yet to meet fellow bloggers but I would love to do so eventually.
    Count me in for your giveaway. I can always use a bit of new-to-me inspiration...

  2. I definantly want to win!

    And what fun to go and do art walk... I haven't been to Denver's in a while and I should really find the time soon!

  3. The art walk with a friend sounds great! I am meeting up with a bunch of blog friends in Utah for the very first time in September and CAN'T wait. We're going to share a hotel room (a large suite actually) and I just know we're going to have the best time! Blogging is amazing!
    I would love to win your magazine(s) - such good inspiration!

  4. I forgot to blog yesterday! I prefer to work small and will so a post about this soon... we dont have those magazines here so I would be absolutely loving to win one, just to see what I'm missing out on!!

  5. count me in


  6. andrea10:07 PM

    I've only met one fellow blogger and that's because she's my cousin - lol. I'll have to do an art walk one of these days; sounds like fun! I would love to win the magazine - I love their publications!

  7. Great page! I love the fish on her head!! You're so lucky to meet up with a fellow blogger. I've met one so far.

    Would love to win the magazines. You know I love books and mags.

  8. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Hi Lee,
    I popped over from Michele's Crusade and checked out your journal page for the "Big" challenge. I like your work! and would love to be included in the drawing for your mags; inspiration for these long, hot days.
    Suzanne G in NC

  9. Hi...I just watched your studio video and wanted to thank you for making me laugh out loud. Things have been pretty tense lately with my mom's critical illness, but she's now on the mend. YAY!
    I'm still working on my space, but I'll make sure I have a signpost leading to the fridge! LOVE IT! Thanks again for sharing.

  10. How generous to offer a give-away! Happy creations from

  11. I love your art! You have some great pieces and I was so happy to participate in the 3 by 3 collage. I would love to do it again if you guys do another one!
    Thanks for entering me in the drawing!

  12. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Thanks Lee i follow u on Google Reader and love your blog also seen u in some classes , i havent seen these mags but know they are popular thanks again ...

    hugz bev


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