Friday, July 02, 2010

Are you lonely tonight...

I was always a quiet child, the middle child.  I never was showy, or splashy, never loud.  I was always the nice one, the one you could relay on and always had a kind word.  And I am still that way today, now I think I am like that, but maybe my friends have a different opinion of that.  Funny how you see yourself and how others see you.  But I am a good friend I know that. What kind of person are you, were the same when you were younger?


  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    first off! i love your journal page here! as always!

    and as far as how I was when I was a kid.....I was a listener and a learner and a naturally curious, thirst for knowledge kind of gal! and I still am!

    people said I was cute...
    and I say, what do you mean WAS?

    hehee...oh ya, I like to think I can be funny at times!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. Very cool page.

    I am completely different now then as a kid. I was really outgoing and active and daring. Now I am much quieter and more careful. However I think its because with chronic illness I have to choose how I use my energy, so without the illness I'd probably be the same as I was! I've always enjoyed learning and been a really hard worker and so far neither of those traits have changed.

  3. This page is so cool! You are so good at bringing images together with your words.

    As a kid I was shy and extremely quiet. I'm still shy in a big crowd of people.


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