Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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Weather:  sunny and nice
Activities today:  Lunch and a movie with a friend.  Since we are retired both of us we go to the afternoon movie.  The movie was eclipse, 6 people in the movie, it was great.  Pretty well found the  book and movie stayed true.

Art:  Finished a journal page see above, and started a couple of others.
Dinner:  Crockpot Chili, Caesar salad, and multi grain buns
tv.  2 1/2 men

What did you do today


  1. Weather: Cool with light rain showers

    Activities today: lots of errands, deep relaxation meditation, cleaning, transfering notes needed for my thesis out of a library book so I can return it.

    Art: I am working on some cards to mail!

    Dinner: Lime Chicken with homemade salsa verde (I'll share the recipe tomorrow!), chips and salsa, and a simple tomato and avacado salad.

  2. that looks great - I think thats your napkin art right? came out great - love those colours.

    dh painting... me keeping out of his way!

  3. Oh how I miss a crock-pot! Germans have fast-cooking pots for the stovetop that are super expensive. They just don't really use the slow cooking variety here...
    We had lemon chicken spaghetti last night!

  4. Great journal page. I think I might have to go over to Phoenix Peacock's blog to get that recipe!

  5. I also saw that movie and enjoyed it. I am taking a pastel class twice a week. Hope you have a great day. I love your art work in this blog.

  6. I absolutely love how this page turned out... I'm going to have to look at the dollar store or somewhere for napkins with fun prints that aren't cartoonish and try it myself! Thanks for the info about it!

  7. Your napkin page came out so good. I always seem to mess mine up somehow.


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