Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday collage

This is a WIP (work in progress), its just a little project that I am doing, a little sample peice of a collage on brown paper.  I wanted to see if I could work big, I am thinking not.  I am having a hard time with it.  I always think there has to be a reason or a story for the collage.  It is rainy here for two days now, and the winds are crazy.  Have been working in Carla's book, you will see crazy giraffes tommorow. A few days of not posting gives you renewed energy.

And by the way have I thanked you for reading this blog, I have 75 people who follow this blog.  When I first started I had none , then I think I had one, and I think it was my nephew, then I took that off for a while, because it makes you crazy.  The reason I started this blog was for me, and then it morphed into more, it became an art blog, and since then I have met many nice blog friends, it's a connection.  So if you are one of those 75 people who follow me, leave me a comment say hello, I try to check the blogs of those people that have them.....I do appreciate you all.

And on another note I have been getting spammed by some idiots..and that's a nice name for them.  I don't want to have to put that thing on (see i don't even know what is called)so we don't have to deal with them, I don't want to but we will see....


  1. HI Lee.. I had to put comment moderation on and its a real pain but it has stopped the spammers...they were driving me mad!! you can put the thing on for a while then leave it off...see how you go. Love your WIP!!!

  2. Hi Lee...I love your blog...and how open you are about sharing your art. I have a hard time working "big" too...8 x 10 seems to be the best size for me. Beyond that and things just look a little "off!" Isn't this blog thing amazing? I didn't think anyone would want to read my ramblings and crazy projects. I started for me too...just to get the stories down and have some fun with it. I'm so thankful I took the plunge!

  3. at least you have a reason for your comment police! I won't mind filling it out as much knowing that!

    And I love following your blog. it is an honor to watch your creative works unfold.

  4. Hey Lee, I always enjoy looking at your work, finished, or in progress. An artist's work is never done, as they say! I admire your diligence and curiosity in your approach to your creative journey! Keep creating! :o)

  5. You know I'm a follower of your blog. I love your art and reading about your everyday life. It makes me feel closer to you and like I really know you.

    I like the collage you're working on. Rebel under stress....that must be you!

    Spammers are the pits. I have to use comment verification, too.

  6. I'm liking your collage so far. I'll be back to see the finished product.


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