Monday, January 02, 2012

Free is good

This is todays 10 minute sketch, I should get better as
the days go on. (lol)

This year all the online classed look like they are
raising their prices, and i get that, its a business
everything goes up.  But we all like free
well here are some free classes that
i found on the web, and thought you
would like.
And if you found any let me know and I will post those too.

1.  This is a postcard challenge thing, it would take
to long to explain it so I will post the link for you to
read it

2.  I am doing a 10 mintue sketch a day for 365 days,
dont say you cant do it, its 10 minutes of your
day, whether you are finished the sketch
or not its 10 minutes.  I think by the end of
the year, my sketching should have
improved, here is the link

2.  Now if you have not heard of the book of days by now, you
have had to manhy new years eve drinks, here is the

3.  Gulfspirte if you dont know her art hope over to her site,
she is generous in spirt, and madly talented

4.  Over at Amys a free spirtied wildy creative artist
shares tutorials, and videos and its just a
great creative sitte

5.The Sketchbook Challenge, a nother great site
where artists share tips, videos, drawing and
get you inspired

6.Strathmore is offering a free series as well
here is the link check it out

7.  Janet a fellowblogger and friend mentioned
one I forgot Millandes she is doing videos
lots of great technique there

8.  Julie Prichard a multi talented lady has some free videos
on her site, really great ones, I have taken a few of her
online courses and not come away disappointed learned lots

9. Elivie studios, I love her lettering and pictures
and she has how to on inspiration Monday,
her site is eye candy here is a link to a how to

10.  Christy Tomlinson has a great site, and some
great online workshops
but on her blog, its full of great tutorials and
i hae linked to the tut page for you


  1. Happy New Year, lovely creative lady! I hope you have an excellent new year!

  2. Hi Lee...I love your painting below..the one you said looked like a botox lady...I love it!! You have your own style and that's a good thing. Thanks for pointing out all the free workshops....I noticed that prices on workshops have gone up...inflation, I Have an artful new year!!!

  3. I meant to tell you that I signed up with Effy...good workshop!! Enjoyed the videos she did.

  4. Free is my favorite thing! I checked out the ones on your list that I didn't already know about. Thanks for posting these. Also Milliande is doing her usual art journaling thing at the beginning of the year but it isn't really a class....just videos.

  5. Wow, thanks for all the great information and links! I hadn't heard about several of those. Now I just might go crazy trying to keep up with all the fun stuff out there to do! (I'm already noticing that I'm spending too much time in front of the computer, and not enough time in the craft room!)

  6. Thanks for the mention, Lee.. I've been enjoying too much without art the last few weeks. Back to work starting tomorrow.

  7. thanks for the freebie list - looking through it now!

  8. Thanks for including the Sketchbook Challenge blog! We've got a great line up this year for themes, tutorials, free stuff. Great list of learning opportunities you have!

  9. Wow! What a great list! Thanks for taking the time to research all that and for sharing. Whoo-hooo!

  10. Thanks for these Links here!

    If you hadn't check out for free art lessons then you should. I often used youtube for my art lessons for free!

  11. Thanks for joining in on the 10-minute art challenge! I enjoy seeing what others are working on. Your pictures look neat!


  12. Thanks for joining in on the 10-minute art challenge! I enjoy seeing what others are working on. Your pictures look neat!


  13. (sorry, didn't mean to comment twice there!)


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