Monday, January 21, 2013

A little taste of PARIS

I have a hard time creating collages because I feel they should
tell a story, that they make sense, that they are not just
pieces of paper thrown down 
So I envisioned this collage to be like a piece of
graffiti stuck to a wall on a building in Paris
I had an old piece of packaging that I created this collage on
found the image in a magazine
had some french tape
found a paris map a long time ago at a used book store
used distress ink and sandpaper to grunge it up
and and oil stick (the red)

Other than that it is snowing again, and the presidential
inauguration is on TV this am
and I am purging in the studio  
its leftovers for dinner
and that is it for today whats on your schedule


  1. Love the collage! I agree with you about the story aspect...makes the collage all that more interesting. Yours is just perfect reflection of your thought of the Parisian graffiti wall!

    Today we have a gray day and I'm sticking close to home, catching up on all kinds of mail. The post office will be jammed tomorrow due to the three-day closure, so I may wait until Wednesday to stop by the post office.

    Hope you have a fascinating, artful day!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! :))))) How about creating collages from your 'own-inside-story-emerging'?
    Smiles, Anke :)

  3. I love the collage, and you seem to be multi talented, drawing and now collages!I like what Anke suggested, that may be the way to go.

    me? casino tonite to eat, play and keep cool another scorcher here !

  4. I think you did well with your collage. We all have some sort of thoughts while making art, don't you think, what about giving them a leading title?

  5. Lee, you have designed a very beautiful collage and it looks very Parisian to me...GORGEOUS!!!


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