Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Its all about the mood

I did this collage awhile ago, when I created it , I wanted it
to appear dark and moody, and make you wonder about the

well today its snowing again, so today I am going to make
some banana   pecan muffins, home-made tomato soup in the crockpot
and make a Greek salad and call it dinner

what do you do on cold stormy days, do you cook comfort food?


  1. I love the mood of this collage. It's so different from your usual glorious bursts of color - was it hard to work in a muted palette?

  2. I love it too! for me - all food is comfort food - esp. cake, pies, cupcakes and cookies!

  3. I found the quote at the top first and related it immediately to the woman; my eye went directly to her face to see her mood.

    Husband and I have always found it odd that the seasonal foods of our childhood in North Carolina call to us in Florida. For example, we'll start craving potato dishes, soups, cheesy goodness in the autumn, even if the temperatures here are still high.

  4. I cant remember the last time it was cold enough for comfort food here! I think when it is we have Polish pierogi - they are very comforting and especailly comfort my hip area! lol!

    I thought the woman looked sad, very very sad. I do like the collage as it conveys the mood.

  5. This is a wonderful and "moody" piece of art. Lee...great work!!! I love the numbers because numbers always make one think what they stand for, and her "look" is perfect!

    Homemade chicken soup! It reminds me of my childhood home and my Mom...both are gone now

  6. That collage is great! It's moody and a bit mysterious.

    I like making anything in the oven when the weather is bad...which isn't often here. We are having some rain today though and it's only about 48º so does that count?


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