Monday, January 28, 2013

Excitement is in the air....

I have started this post at least 4 times, and I still don't have 
much to tell you, that's the trouble when you are retired
your not out and about with people all day long. I could tell you
its bathroom cleaning day , that we
are having leftovers for dinner, that I might go to Walmart,
that is cold and windy here but that's to predicable 
I could tell you on Thursday the bandage comes off my
finger, and the stitches come out
i could tell you I did this bird last night well watching
Downtown Abbey
I could tell you that's all for today and I will have more
exciting stuff tomorrow, try to contain your excitement
until tomorrow


  1. this bird looks quite exciting!

  2. A very "neat" bird, indeed! Cute post and I know how you feel :)

  3. I love your birds. I am out and about everyday working but today i stayed in and tried to get up to date with all my work paperwork. I wish I could blog more about my everyday but due to working with people it's confidential. I must try to find a way to blog about my life as I am stuck right now in no-idea what to post land.

  4. You and I lead much the same kind of excitement packed lives! I'm amazed that Entertainment Weekly hasn't contacted me to share with everyone about all the exciting things I do each day!

    Love the bird...and what did you think about Downton Abbey?? It was definitely surprising for me.

  5. My day? Cleaned bird cages (almost the same as your job), did laundry, and read two chapters in a mystery novel. Husband is at a class this evening, so guess what I had for dinner? Cereal with fresh strawberries! One bowl, one spoon...yay! Some days are just really quiet and not very inspirational, but your bird is hot!

  6. downton abbey on tv here aswell, I;m so not into it, its too english for me and I'm kind of bored with all that genre now. I'll prob look at it one day and really get into it! lol! and then realise what I was missing!

    not much happening here either, off to clean today and thats about it too! we all lead such exciting lives dont we? I hope entertainement weekly contacts us all!

  7. Your life sounds like my new life these days...minus the stitches and this magnificent bird.


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