Friday, January 04, 2013

Problem corner.....

Art from my doodle book
As you all know I am trying to lose weight, its an ongoing issue with me
and I plan to beat it
Christmas was a little set back, but I am back on track again
logging my food, writing on my daily life diet blog
and excerise all helps
but I have a neighbour a nice neighbour, a thinner neighbour, who
does not know about my struggling with my weight, but she
insists on bringing baking over weekly and just now another
square was delivered.  I know I know I could tell her,
but its one thing telling the blog world about my weight (lol)
but not my neighbours although the proof is in the pudding
(oh god another food reference).  So i just cut it all up
and put it in the fridge.  Now hubby is trying to watch
his weight and does not need the calories.  I could
freeze it, but as you know I have a dirtly little secret
She feels she should do this for us, because we do so
much for her, oh my I am going on.  So what to do
i dont want this in my house, and I dont want to hurt her
feelings, any thoughts?


  1. tell her that you are watching your weight and that if she wants to do something for you she can get you some art suppllies (which if you don't need them you can mail them to me!)Or if she just likes to bake she can make something more in keeping with your diet. I know how she feels - we have a thin neighbor - and it's like a 'tradition' when we get a DELICIOUS cake we ALWAYS give her some! And when she makes candy she always gives us some.

  2. Yes I agree. Ask her for help maybe, confide in her and then ask her if she knows any recipes for low fat/calorie treats you could indulge in once in a while. Or ask if she will be your exercise buddy maybe? Or just help you out to stay on track. It's tricky but I' sure you can do it. I will be coming back in to see how it goes. xx
    PS I like the idea of a problem corner with you Lee. Auntie Lee. Maybe you can help me with my new line manager? xx

  3. What a sweet sweet neighbor. If I felt like I couldnt tell her (either because I didnt want her to know about my weight loss hopes or because I thought it might hurt her feelings/make her feel as if I were unappreciative) I would wrap it up and regift it or immediately toss it in the trash in order to avoid temptation.
    Several people brought me items made with peanuts (an allergy I have). It didnt feel appropriate to turn it down or correct them, so I simply brought it to work for others to enjoy.

  4. Oh my, thats's a tricky one. What if you asked her to collect old magazines for you instead of giving you cakes? Her old magazines might be different from yours, and we all need a bit of variety don't you think?
    Love this last piece of yours, beautiful bright colours.

  5. I'd tell her that you're trying to eat healthier and to give up sweets. I also like Laila's suggestion about asking her for magazines or some other thing instead of baked goods. It might be fodder for your art.

    If all else fails I guess I'd just toss the goodies in the trash. Better there than in your body!


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