Thursday, January 03, 2013

pattern play

As you all know I love colour, I love pattern
In another life I would have loved to be a paper or fabric designer
art and pattern go hand and hand
this happens to be one of my go to sites for eye candy
I think as an artist you must look at pattern because of colour
colours you think would look like crap look great together, and you garner ideas
My favourites colours if you have hot guessed are red and yellow and green
primary of course, they pop they make me happy


  1. This is a very happy painting, Lee...really catches the eye~~~


  2. I absolutely LOVE your patterns - I think of you when I'm painting my abstracts!

  3. You are great at making patterns, and your use of color is always right on the spot.

  4. You're right...pattern makes some crazy colors look GREAT together. Love the colors on this drawing.

  5. Interesting, I never liked creating pattern! I love free-styling, LOL...enjoy creating LEE, your art is so beautiful bright lately and I really enjoy it! Smiles, Anke :)


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