Monday, January 07, 2013


I have managed to incorporate everything I love to draw in this one doodle
girls, birds and flowers (lol) a little overkill I think
All done with Markers, because I was to lazy to go to the studio
and paint
I like markers they give me the colour I like
today I am having an ultrasound
I am drinking the water as I type
then to the bookstore
then to Michaels
then home to do some housework
a girl gotta do it sometime


  1. Hi Lee, not overkill at all! It's rich in my eyes. Love it. I like markers too, easy to use and easy to choose. Always the colour one wish for.

  2. OH NO! NO overkill. SPRING LONGING! That is what I see in this! And I bet you have snow already. We have pretty mild temperatures right now. So waiting for snow time to come, if it comes, never know here. LOL...Thank you for being such a good bloggin friend! I went back as an Occupational Therapist, partime working. I will create Collages when my time allows it, my Studio is still alive but not my main focus anymore, I want to keep it as 'joy' not, 'pulling-me-down' due too many stones in the way lately. I wish you a wonderful MONDAY, smiles to you, Anke :)

  3. WONDERFUL DRAWING! hope everything goes well!!! have fun at Michaels!

  4. A wonderful imaginative profusion of creativity! Not overkill at all. :)

  5. I love her leafy hair and flower cheeks. and I agree - I can't get enough flowers and color and brightness at this time of year.

  6. LOVE her leafy hair and body!!

  7. Not overkill! This one is a feast for the eyes. I love the vibrant color you can get with markers. It's beautiful!!

  8. whoaaa... the colours certainly do pop and brightened up my mornings blog reading!
    hope ultrasound goes ok... I hate all that water you have to drink...yuk!

  9. Love the bright colors especially on our rather gloomy gray day. Best of luck with the ultrasound. I must see my doc early in the morning and then it's shopping time! Hope the chores went well!

  10. I love this girl!! Not only is she surrounded by my favorite colors but it's just so darn fun and whimsical!! Wow!!


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