Saturday, January 05, 2013

to you from me

This is from my everyday book, I usually write, not type in it, but just wanted to show you a sample of it,
I use a three ring binder, the size of the paper, lined paper, and I draw in it, make lists, journal, and doodle.
I thought you might enjoy some of these sights below, I like them and they are doing some fun things you might enjoy

I am going to do this one, for sure.  I create something everyday anyway, so I am going to give it a try...
I just emailed the shopper and told her about this one, her earrings are all over her house......
you could be her featured artist
an amazing journal created from a cereal box, gosh I wish I was talented in that way
If you have not been here go, she shares freely her talents and tutorials
She wrote down all the books she is going to read this year, I am going to do it different, I am going to write
down all the books I want to read, and by the end of the year see which ones I actually did read I am limiting it to 10, a girl has another things in her life you know
You could be her tuesday featured artist , I sent in mine and will be soon, just one thing on my bucket list
an absolute beautiful thing to do for someone, I have a friend who is so sick and has been for years, I might do this for her
a beautiful website full of amazing colour and art, and 30 paintings in 30 days, go quickly and check it out
I love this one, I do it all the time, I just mailed off the collage postcard will show it tommorow
a great tut on using old calenders, she also has some great tut on her blog

so there we are,hope you like the list, the more I find the more I will share



  1. I love that everyday book and miss making to do lists. It was something I often enjoyed doing on a weekend. My list for the weekend today is written on scrap of paper so not nearly so pretty. It reads;
    Take down decs
    Tidy round(quick)
    Courage calendar
    Small Stones
    Art Journal

    Now I just need to check out some of your links. Thanks for them they look very interesting.

  2. I keep one journal with me all the time, especially in the car when shopping. I forget things otherwise! I write down other things, like guest/presents lists, interesting quotes, book titles (so I'll remember to check them out at the book store). The journal includes little sketches, cartoons I've ripped out of the newspaper, anything that interests me. My son told me that the difference in an interest and a hobby is that a hobby costs money. I have lots of interests!

    I'm almost half through with my current journal and it's kind of fun to go through the pages just to see what I've been doing for six months or so. I like the book itself because it comes with an elastic band around it so I can always turn to the current page while keeping the others protected.

    What wonderful links you've given us! I want to look at all of them asap. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for all the links...some I knew but some were new (that sounds weird!)

    Also like your idea of using a binder and paper to make lists and doodle. I have a small book I carry with me that has lists of groceries and other things I need to buy but I don't keep lists of other things. I think I'll try that.

  4. I LOVE everything on the list - especially that one about Myra! thanks for the encouragement and the inspiration!

  5. Wow, amazing are keeping me BUSY with these!!


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