Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happily Ever After....

this one i did on a painted background, with
some old hand made paper (the red) some
text I found in a newspaper
some old box material and some bits of
painted paper
I thought the text fit perfectly with the 
the picture (i dont remember where the picture came from)
the studio is purged
and today I am going to try a new bookbinding method I
learned on Youtube


  1. Wow Lee, this one is both beautiful and meaningful. I love all the different material you've used and that handwritten paper behind the photo ties it all so well together. Love this one!

  2. this IS beautiful! I was thinking about book binding too! great minds MUST think alike. Please tell us about what you learned!

  3. the picture and text really are perfect for each other.
    Can't wait to see what your bookbinding looks like.

  4. Well, the woman in the photo almost looks happy, don't know about the guys though! I love the layering you've done. I never do enough of that on my atc's. Mine have entirely too little depth, so I'm learning from you!

  5. wow amazing collage and I love the text that goes with it too!


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